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Standard User
10 MB of storage

Team Leader
€ 10 p/m
1 GB of storage

Do I need to get a Team Leader account in order to join projects and create tasks? No, you can join, as a standard user, any project which you have been invited to. When you have joined the project you can do whatever the Team Leader grants you access to. So for a project you only need one Team Leader account and all other team members can use a Standard Account. Can I add files to projects and task with a Standard Account? File storage is linked to the account that created the project. A Standard User cannot add files to a project the Standard User has created by him or her self but the Standard User can add files to a project created by a Team Leader account if that Standard User is part of that project. Can I create unlimited projects and tasks with a Standard Account A Standard User account has 10 MB of database storage which you can use to create projects and tasks. There is no limit on how many task but there is a limit on how much space that data takes on the server.